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Proven Methodology

Apart from adhering strictly to the school syllabus, our experienced, effective and patient tutors also impart to students appropriate study techniques and skills to help them achieve good grades. Hence, students will be able to understand their areas of weaknesses and improve on them.

What We Offer

Primary English Creative Writing

  • Lacks interest in essay writing?
  • Struggling with Sentence construction?
  • Simply can’t write?
We can help your child enjoy and score well in essay writing.

Moses (Maris Stella, P6) has shown tremendous improvement in his composition grades. When he first started tuition in P4, he was scoring in the range of 24-26/40. In P6 CA1 and SA1 Compo exams, he achieved 32-34/40 exam scores. Moses understands the art of writing Compos and is motivated to write.

1-1 Customised Lessions

  • Catered to those who require intensive coaching and individual learning

Cindy (CHIJ,S2) struggled with Geography. With over 2 months of 1-1 Geography tuition, she improved in her school test grade from ‘Fail’ to 19/20 (A1) marks.

Ethan & Elliot (Ngee Ann, P6 Twin brothers) have not been able to focus well in school due to their dyslexic problems. With 1-1 tuition help, they improved in English grade from ‘Fail’ to ‘B’ in the SA1 exam.

JC Econs, Chem, Bio, Math, Physics,GP

  • Gear up for ‘A’ Level Examination
  • Learn the right study techniques to score ‘As’

Li Chieh (RI) scored As in GP, Math, Chem and Physics in the ‘A’ level exam. He thanked the tutors for the 2 years of coaching. He is now studying in Oxford University.

Bixuan (NYJC) scored A in Econs ‘A’ level exam and came in top in Econs in her school.

IB/IP, Secondary Classes

  • Can’t cope with transition from Primary to Secondary?
  • IB/IP syllabus too challenging?
  • Not sure how to prepare for ‘O’ level exams?
We have customised lessons that cater to the unique syllabus of different IB/IP schools. Advanced Learning techniques to equip students for the integrated program.

Alyssa (SOTA, Sec1) was struggling with sec1 Math in the first 2 months of the new school term. She had 60+/100 for a school test. After 2.5 months of tuition, Alyssa achieved A1 (over 75%) in her SA1 exam. It was a big improvement for her.

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