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We believe that every child is unique.

Every child has the potential to develop and achieve his/her dreams if he/she believes it is achievable. Just like how a prism disperses light into its component colours, the aim of Achievers’ Hub is to bring out and expand the spectrum of every child’s potential.

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Chinese/Higher Chinese
  • Creative Writing
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Additional Mathematics / Elementary Mathematics
  • Science
  • Physics / Chemistry / Biology
  • GP
  • H1/H2 Mathematics
  • H1/H2 Physics
  • H1/H2 Chemistry
  • H1/H2 Biology
  • H1/H2 Economics
  • H1/H2 History
  • AEIS Entrance Preparation (Primary / Secondary)
  • English / Mathematics / Science tutoring for International students

Proven Results

"Soar in your PSLE Composition Grade"
Shaun (P6)

Shaun (P6) scored AL1 grade for PSLE Eng and he was the highest scorer in P6 school cohort for prelims compo, scoring 38/40 marks.

"O Level English Improved in 6 Months"
Rui Yi (S4)

Rui Yi (S4) improved in GCE O Level English grade to A2 vs B4 in school tests and exams.

Outstanding O’ Level Results
Yi Kai (S4)

Yi Kai (S4) achieved A1 grades for O level Physics, Bio, Chem as well as A & E Math.  He joined Achievers’ Hub since Primary 5.

Outstanding O’ Level Results
Shuang Yzu (S4)

Shuang Yzu (S4) achieved A1 and A2 grades for ‘O’ level Bio, Chem, Physics, A1 grades for A & E Math.  A big improvement from C5~B4 grades for all subjects.

Outstanding ‘A’ Level Results
Melvin (J2)

Melvin (J2) achieved A grade for ‘A’ level GP,  Chem and Econs vs D-C grades previously.

Outstanding ‘A’ Level Results
Alicia (J2)

Alicia (J2) achieved A grade  ‘A’ level for Bio and Math vs C grade in prelims.  She also improved to B grade for Chem vs E grade in prelims.

Leap to A Grade in Final Exam
Jonathan (S3)

Jonathan (S3) achieved A2 grade for SA2 Physics , improved in SA2 Chem to A1 grade and improved in SA2 A & EMath to B4 grade vs ‘fail’ previously.

Improvement in Math and Science
Jia Wei (S2)

Jia Wei (S2) improved to A1 grade for SA2 Math and he also improved to A2 grade for SA2 Sci vs borderline pass in SA1.



From ‘Hopeless’ to Excellence
Woo Siong (S1)

Woo Siong (S1) improved to A2 grade for SA2 Math vs ‘fail’ in SA1 and B3 grade for SA2 Eng vs ‘fail’ in SA1.

What parent says

Mrs Moi whose daughter, Audrey in P5, achieved 94.5% (A* grade) in SA2 Eng;  improved in SA2 Compo score to 35/40 marks and full marks (distinction) in oral.  Pleased with the excellent results of Audrey, Mrs Moi has recommended several of her friends and Audrey’s classmates to Achievers’ Hub.

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